Sunday, June 5, 2011

Food Review: Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken salad & Wild Berry Tea

Wendy's Natural Cut Sea Salt French Fries

Extreme Couponing

So Liz and I decided to have a fun day to celebrate our successes. Everything I wanted us to do I had a coupon for ;) I had planned on us eating at another establishment but they were closed. But so I decided as a backup we would eat at Wendy's, since Liz loves their Jr. Bacon's and their new Natural Cut Sea Salt fries and I wanted to try their new Berry Almond Chicken salad and Wild Berry Tea. I also had a coupon for it too. ;)

Their salad was delicious! It had lettuce, chicken, strawberries, blueberries, almonds and vinaigrette that was fat free. The tea was okay.

Which I also have a funny story too. LOL! Before we pulled up to the drive-thru, I parked and did the 10 minute survey on my cell just so I could have my $2 off coupon off a full salad or big sandwich. So my total for my Jr. Bacon, fry, salad and tea was $12.14 and $9.99 after coupon ;).

A couple of weeks ago I started investing in Wendy's stock. Since I worked there in High School and that was where I met my first love. Since I feel a kind of a connection to Wendy's LOL as cheesy as that sounds LOL!

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