Sunday, May 29, 2011

Extreme Couponing (and the TV show) ;)

For YEARS, I have wanted to coupon! But something always happened to detour my mission. I would enter the coupon communities and learn all about stockpiling, overages, free stuff from store ads and coupon match ups. Then something crazy happened the whole world found out about it when TLC decided to do a Reality show about these Extreme Couponists, to my utter disappointment and amazement.

So finally the last few days, I have been researching, cutting and matching sales ads/coupons to finally try it. Ironically this Memorial weekend there were no coupons : P GO FIGURE! But I still had some from the week before.

The first time I went on my grocery shopping mission (yesterday), I was disappointed by not having the right match ups with my coups :(

So decided to research and cut some more, AND go by my instinct and went back out again!

Now when I mean INSTINCT - I mean I had a feeling about a certain coupon that was not posted in the sale ad. It was Colgate Sensitive toothpaste. I had a $1 dollar off coupon. I found it and had a Buy One, Get One FREE as a package deal. : D So with the package deal BEFORE the coupon it was $3.24. With coupon, it was only $2.24 making it out to be $1.12 each! WOOHOO!!! : D

The second part of my dealio was bandaids, the bandaids, I had aimed to get WERE GONE >:( Yep, by the coupon queens...a little annoyed that was okay. I had a deal off a different brand. Curad had .50 cents off, I had 2 of those coupons. The bandaids were .96 cents. Bought 2 at .46 cents EACH!! Score again! : D

Not bad for my first dealio! Going at it again! : D Couponing can be fun but should not be used for hoarding and should be used for Saving money grocery shopping.

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