Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little Rusty at Football...

Guest post written by Adam Henry

Last weekend before the Super Bowl, I had some friends over to watch the big game with my wife and me. She invited some of her friends over, also. The guys and I out into the cold and decided to play a little pass in my backyard. That was a lot of fun. We hadn't done anything like that in quite some time. I quickly found that I was a little rusty when I threw a wild pass that cracked one of the windows in the back of my house. My wife wasn't happy, and neither was I. However, I decided to not really worry about it until after everyone left.

After we all watched the Super Bowl an! d everyone went their separate ways, I talked to my wife about the window situation. Some people from sears roofing are coming over next week, and I think I might put in a work order for someone to come fix the window, as well. Apart from the window situation, the party was absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to have my friends back in the near future.

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