Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Soda? No Dr. Pepper? Have I lost my mind?!

Previous Dr. Pepper Posts

So, I officially decided to quit drinking soda, and most importantly Dr. Pepper. Why? You ask. Because I am trying to be more healthy, lose weight and not feel bloated since most of my fat comes from my stomach.

This time around, it has been easier than my previous time. I think today was my official day of not even drinking a sip! I have had iced tea, propel, orange juice and apple juice today.

I have felt nausea but I think its for something else. I have NOT given up caffeine! As stated I drink coffee and tea. : D

I know I can do this! My goal is to have a body and good health like Chalene Johnson. : D

I cannot wait to post my results and currently doing Turbo Fire, and my 7th week will be starting RevAbs on top of it! :)

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