Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angry Birds not on Blackberry?!

Sitting here wearing my Angry Birds shirt as well as my daughter that we bought for JCPenney. So, a while back I heard of this awesome game app called Angry Bi, didn't think much of it. Well, my daughter and I went on our cruise, and she was tired and upset, and the lady in front of us let her play Angry Birds on her IPhone. When I got back from my cruise, I tried to find Angry Birds and no avail. Again did not think much of it. Then my dad on his Android got the app for his phone. And STILL not on Blackberry! And I have a BlackBerry Torch! So I did a search on the internet and people on were complaining and the owner of I believe sent a letter to the company that created Angry Birds.

Now I am here typing this...I also found on my search a company created a game called Angry Farm for those who do not IPhones or Androids. So I might get it for my Blackberry. So all hope is not lost and the owners of the game will wake up and realize there are others in Blackberry World that want to play the game. Also playing the game on desktop is optional. My daughter now has it on laptop.

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