Sunday, June 5, 2011

No more Food Pyramid? My Plate?

No More Food Pyramid: Nutritional Icon Is Now a Plate

My Plate

So a few days ago, I learned that we no longer have the food pyramid but a food plate? I was confused? So today I finally looked at it, and I do think this is a lot more easier to understand then the food pyramid. Which is more fruits/vegetables and grains, less protein and less dairy.

My "diet" right now is more veggies (salads) and protein (chicken). I have been drinking less milk but not intentionally. I LOVE MILK! : D I still eat my usual Subway, Little Caesars, spaghetti, fried chicken, : D I also quit drinking soda which the food plate suggests less sugary sodas. Right now I have lost so far 3.5lbs and not stopping! : D

So I say with my plate, go with it! : D

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