Sunday, March 2, 2008

Food Review - Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

Well, we had been wanting to visit Cafe Rio for a while now, since we had heard how good it was.

On a Saturday of course, it was really crowded. The first thing I noticed while we were being pushed ahead in a 'cafeteria style' ordering line was that they had made their own flour tortillas. BTW, I did not like the ordering aspect at all, I felt rushed and unsure of what I was purchasing. I had ordered a grilled steak and chicken taco with pinto beans and rice. Also, every couple of minutes the staff cooking behind the glass would yell something out loud and I am still trying to figure out what that is. I also noticed the place had a lot of awards from various places hanging on their wall.

We finally got our food and was out.

When we got home and sat down to eat, I noticed that they had put a TON of lettuce on my tacos. Eh, I removed a lot of it but I am not a huge fan of lettuce - especially shredded lettuce.

I notice with a lot of these taco places that all the food has no flavor and all tastes the same. That is how it was for me. I did like the pinto beans though, they had a good flavor to them. My partner had got the cheesy enchiladas and they tasted the same to me.

Similar to my first review, Mexican food trying to escape being authentic.

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A Week in the Life of a redhead said...

Mexican food in Utah? Has hell frozen over? I remember being in Utah and the idea of a good salad in a restaurant was head lettuce and Thousand Island dressing...
Wow...things have changed!
Hello fellow moms from
Catherine, the redhead
A Week In The Life Of A Redhead