Saturday, February 2, 2008

La Frontera - Mixed Reviews

Today we went to La Frontera for Lunch. We originally had planned to go to the India House because we had a coupon and they were New but they were not open until 5pm. We of course had planned on a lunch date because the child was with the grandparents.

Now me, being a HUGE Fan of Mexican Food and since I had previously tried La Frontera, with ok Review thought that I would try it again.

Well it was still ok. I was a little confused though.

La Frontera in spanish means 'The Border' which I understood completely. :P But being so, I guess I had a little less confusion and more reasoning why the food tasted the way it did.

Anyway, I live in the Utah and everyone talks up and down about La Frontera. I had high expectations when I originally went to La Frontera and was disappointed because the food tasted 'ok'.

So my partner had never tried it but everyone except myself and his mother had talked the restaurant up also. I am thinking its a Utah thing.

Anyway so we go and I get a smothered burrito with cheese, menudo and a Dr. Pepper. My Partner gets Cheesy Enchiladas and Chicken Flautas.

When we arrive we are sitted immediately and then they bring us the nachos with NO Salsa. We are a little confused and decided to order salsa because the chips were good but dry without it. (After the waitress brings us our drinks and we order we learn that salsa is in ketchup like bottles and that there was a small bowl that came with our utensils and napkin).

I put the salsa in the bowl and try it and discover its Spicy. I was really surprised. Not that I don't eat spicy food because that is all I eat, I was just really shocked because the food was 'Americanized' and not all authentic ingredients so I assumed that the salsa would have been dull. Boy was I wrong!

Then our food came. I first had the smothered burrito. The smothered burrito was good (which is a popular item at La Frontera) but again, I was surprised because it was covered with chili verde, which is also what I wanted to order but did not want to overdue it. It was actually good. I ate about half of it while I waited for my menudo.

My menudo came and it was authentic menudo but I was surprised again that it was spicy and it had bits of bosole in it. When I lived in Mexico and ate menudo or bosole it was never spicy just seasoned well. But I do recall that Mexican's from 'The Border' like Nogales or Tijuana or Chihuahua like to mix menudo and bosole together but I don't ever recall that they make their recipes spicy.

Oh also about the menudo and about the restaurant, they did not use CORN TORTILLAS! Not even for the menudo. I was sad, plus their tortillas, which we were thinking were homemade tasted weird.

But rating from 1 being Awful and 5 being Excellent
I rate La Frontera 2.5 Stars **
Comments = I thought the restaurant was trying NOT to be authentic. Meaning they were at some points and others, left me confused.

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