Saturday, February 2, 2008

Britney Spears goes Ballistic

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First Britney's parents had her committed to the Psychiatric hospital, they get rid of Sam Lufti and take her her estate and now she is P'OD!

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Wow, I cannot how bad things have gotten for Britney Spears! I am really surprised by how all has gone down ever since she married Mr. Federline. Not that he is to blame but that is WHEN things started to go down. I believe she went crazy when she learned what her parents did. But if she cannot control her own life then of course everyone else will. I don't know, I like to be in control of my life.

I really feel sorry for her and her family. I am glad that they finally diagnosed her for Bi-Polar. I hope she gets the right attention she needs soon. Being a mother myself, I hope when she is well that she will regain custody of her children again. They need their mommy!

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