Saturday, July 2, 2011

McDonalds and Walmart - they rule the world...

I hit McDonalds and Walmart at LEAST once a week. I think these two really dominate the Market, Nationally as well as Internationally. McDonalds stock is 85.65 and Walmart is 53.51 per share.

And whats funny about all of this, neither one of them are considered good for you LOL!

A lot of Walmarts merchandise comes from China. I heard they make sure that they pay their employees enough to where they could get assistance. That is merchandisers in the USA want Walmart to carry their merchandise that they have to sell it to Walmart VERY cheap or else they won't carry it. They like to get their stuff pennies on the dollar.

McDonalds on the other hand - has their products chemically made. Bacteria in their soda fountain machines. And is a big reason for obesity in America.

But why do we shop there even if these reasons are valid? Because its fast and cheap! I know McDonalds is trying to improve their customer base by adding healthy items such as fruit and walnut salad (my fave). Whenever I normally go I pickup nuggets and fries for my daughter and a cheeseburger for myself or a fruit and walnut salad.

To each his own I guess...I will probably most likely continue to shop at both places. Because I won't deny it even if its the preferred method not too.

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