Saturday, July 2, 2011

News: Casey Anthony Trial

You know I was debating back and forth about writing about this case because it involves a lot of negativity and a child missing. Nothing sparkly and happy here. :( But I finally decided I would write about it and my opinion about it.

Now in a nutshell - Basically this woman, Casey Anthony's daughter went missing, she went partying for the whole time before anyone questioned Kaylee (her daughter's disappearance. Which happen to take 31 days to notice and to notify the authorities.

Do I believe she did it? HELL YES! As the trial unfolds, fingers are pointing everywhere and the defense is trying to make her look innocent and they bring up child abuse?! Child abuse or not, you just don't kill your kid! I also her that they had already tried to use in her defense that she is not mentally stable. I am waiting to hear a confession but that is unlikely going to happen! I wonder what goes through the heads of the defense regarding Casey Anthony.

IF she never wanted the child from the get go she had options. She could have aborted (not one option I like but it is there) she could have given her child up for adoption, or even better USED protection! WOAH!! : O And speaking of, where is the baby's daddy in all of this?

From what I understand they will not have her take the stand because she lies too damn much! Well HELLO! But media is stating lying isn't a reason for her to prosecute her and make her rot in prison. OMG are you serious??

That poor defenseless baby <3 :(

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