Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well while vacationing in Arizona we went to Mexico and then swimming. The first day there, we went to Mexico and I applied sunscreen to my daughter and myself. We did not burn or even tan while walking in Nogales Mexico.

After we went to Mexico, on the same day we went swimming, I did not apply more lotion because of not tanning or burning the first day and I was fine. So was my daughter, but she has a natural dark pigment since she is half Mexican. I have fair skin.

The second day, I did not apply sunscreen on neither of us, we were sort of sunbathing on the second day swimming and had my feet in the water talking with my grandmother and watching my daughter swim. I didn't want to get in because even though its a heated pool, there was still a cool wind.

Then on the third day, I was sunburnt and it hurt like hell! I lay on my side at night and I have to switch sides and it hurt when I did so. I applied Aloe, which would sooth it a little bit, but it still hurt.

Then we went home, and I applied more Aloe and took Ibuprofen. By the fifth day, I was itching like crazy and in pain, stayed home from work, and went to the doctors and prescribed me some medication then finally felt better by the 6th day and I started peeling.

So word of advice! ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!

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