Friday, May 13, 2011

I love Art! : D

So the last few weeks, I have been purchasing A LOT of ART! I LOVE Art though! I love handmade items and local artists! Lucky me, my high school friend ended up becoming an artist of sorts and I have so far had a total of 3 paintings done by her! I also have a friend, who has a friend who is a local artist and I recently purchased a print from that person as well! : D

I just came back from my cruise and EVERY NIGHT they had art bidding with champagne and I knew it just wasn't a good time for me to get some more art :( especially since I am running out of space on my walls! LOL! Plus while I was in Nogales, while visiting my grandparents in Arizona, I had purchased a piece of art with Frida made from a roof tile! I thought that was pretty cool! : D

I have decided that I am interested in drawing and painting, so I am going to practice with a baby picture of my daughter and Chalene Johnson. Just not sure when since I have so many other things to focus on at the moment : D

My favorite place to get handmade items is Etsy and my favorite local artists on their as well! :)

Liquid Light

Jonny Apple Studio

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