Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Carnival Cruise! : D

So, we went on a cruise again this year! It was perfect! : D After we got to Long Beach, our cousins picked us up and took us the dock to board the ship. We finally got in after filling out paperwork and showing ID's and such...Liz was very cranky from waking up early, to the plane ride, so we decided to stay in on the first night. We slept for a few hours and then woke up and was hungry and did our favorite thing, order ROOM SERVICE! Then later on that night we were hungry again and picked up something from the buffet. Because on the cruise you can eat ANYTIME you want! Which is awesome!

The next day, before we went to Catalina Island, I took Liz swimming. The kids have their own hot tub and she loved it. Then we went to the island and Liz was so excited to see the beach, I buried her in the sand and Hannah Montana. LOL! Bought some souvenirs and lunch then went back on the ship, which brought us to the island by boat. That night, we also decided to go to dinner, which we chose the early dinner at 6 pm and ate with our dinner partners, which was a family of four from Canada, they kind of reminded me of the Griswalds. LOL! They did every activity on the ship! While they spent a lot of their time doing activities Liz and I chilled in our room or napping.

After dinner, Liz and I decided to go to the "Captain's Celebration" and got a picture with the captain. The following day we went to Mexico and got some more souvenirs and got a picture with a lion! That was so awesome. They are so soft and playful!

Then we were back at Sea on May 12th, which also happened to my Birthday! . So I dressed up as much as I could, bought myself a birthday cake on the ship and a drink which the special at that time with the Rivera Delight. : D

On Friday the 13th, our journey finally ended. But Liz and I decided we are going to go Cruising every year because we love our paradise ;)

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