Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Entertainment News: Will and Kate Royal Wedding

I was starting my vacation in AZ on 04/29/11 while Will and Kate got married. I heard all the buzz about it on FB the next day when I checked my phone. Then just today, I watched the DVR E! Special about Will and Kate.

So in a nut shell, Kate is middle class, and her in Will met in college. They have been living together for over 8 years and now he finally proposed and they were married.

It sounds like a happily ever fairytale but of course there is always more to the story. Will parents divorced when he was a child. Will was drawn to Kate because she is low key and her parents still are married (after 30 years) I myself admire that because then you think your spouse will feel the same about being dedicated to one another.

His mother died in a car accident when he was 15 years old according to the tabloids by paparazzi. Which I just learned after all these years thinking it was the paparazzi, is that actually her driver, was under the influence of alcohol!

Now Will gave Kate his mother's wedding ring. I think that is kind of tacky. I mean they are supposed to be starting a NEW life together, meaning nothing linked to his past or anything negative. I understand he was close to his mother, but that is taking it a bit far.

I also noticed during Will and Kate's wedding, she wore white. I wouldn't have especially if I was living with someone for 8 years! You know what I mean? ;)

I just do hope that they live happily ever after. Like E! Special said, the royal family does not need anymore couple's divorces or negative surrounding the family.

Congratulations Will and Kate! : D Live happily ever after!

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