Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Day in the life of a Customer Service agent

In October 2004, I started my first customer service job as a temp for a big benefits corporation. I did benefits enrollment for them for 6 months and then they had the nerve to not hire me on because of get this, "lack of customer service experience" forward to NOW, with 6+ years in the industry, but for a transportation company. I no longer lack customer service experience! LOL!

I sometimes ask myself why do I continue to do customer service work? People can sometimes be mean and down right condescending! And you have to contain your utmost composure and be the nicest possible. But now I know I think this is the kind of work I need to be doing. Because I just have way too much energy and talk way too much to not be on the phone LOL! I also enjoy turning a pissed off customer into a happy one! I have received candy and BBQ sauce when I worked in the Billing department for making customers happy when I adjusted a charge or just waived a fee. I have received compliments for them appreciating my work and wanting everyone else know too. Plus on top of that, I have always been into Network Marketing which requires you to do some of that type of talking when speaking to prospects.

My favorite customer service job besides what I do now. Is making outbound calls in a sales type self-development industry. I LOVED that job! But the pay and hours sucked! I will forever miss that job. I have had a total of 3 different call center jobs with 3 different companies and worked in 7 different departments. I also have experience in inbound and outbound calling.

This gets more interesting, LOL. I live in Utah! And no I am not a polygamist or LDS. I am actually from Vegas :). Back to Utah, I have read or seen somewhere that UTAH has the most call center/customer service centers or jobs than any other state! I thought that was amusing. Another thing I heard, Utah has the most Network Marketing companies ran out of Utah! Crazy shizz!!! : D I LOVE IT! Speaking of one last thing, I try my hardest not to call customer service, I guess I feel their pain LOL, and I try to solve the issue myself before I call them. So please, be nice to your customer service agent. :)

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