Friday, March 25, 2011

As Seen on TV Product Review: Cami Secret

So I bought this, because I don't like to show off my cleavage with low cut tops. But before I bought it, I purchased a pair of large lacy white underwear, cut a square out of them and used some double sided tape to stick it to my bra and it worked great! So when I got the product and used the white cami secret to wear with a low cut red shirt to work one day I was disappointed. See how it works it clips to the top of your bra. But anyway, it kept bunching up and showing my bra! LOL! So I prefer my home made method of a cami secret. I also didn't like how it made me look because it was so high up under my shirt. I may use double sided tape to make it work better. But anyway I think for these its to each his own.

My next As Seen on TV products I am interested in are the Pajama Jeans, Ahhh Bra, Xpress Redi Set Go and the NuWave Oven. So stay tuned for more reviews. ;)

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