Saturday, March 12, 2011

All-Natural Turkey PET Strips from Jerky Direct

Here is my chihuahua Sheesha - she is the official mascot/spokes doggie for this delicious and healthy dog treat. :) Jerky Direct opened this to Jerky Direct reps in 2009-2010. I have been ever since getting them every month for the dogs - Sheesha, Tally and Coco (Tally - Bloodhound, Coco - Lab). They go crazy over them! So then I expanded them onto co-workers dogs who also liked them. They are what they are All Natural Turkey Pet strips. My tiny chihuahua eats a whole strip! Shaped like an actual jerky strip.

# Turkey Raised Without Added Hormones
# No Preservatives
# No Added MSG
# NO Nitrite
# NO Erythorbate
# NO Artificial Ingredients
# Only Minimally Processed
# Delivered in our double pet treat pack

TWO 6 OZ BAGS Retail: $13.97 ($12 plus $1.97 shipping)

So they are very healthy and dogs go nuts over them! It is made for cats too but they do not prefer them. You can also break up the strips into smaller pieces or let them eat the whole thing! (like I do). :)

For more information go to: All-Natural Turkey PET Strips

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