Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charlie Sheen - Leave him alone geez

Wow, I cannot believe they are making such a big deal over Charlie Sheen partying! Who cares really?? Then they had the nerve to fire him?! He is the highest paid TV actor. I think the media and the production company are blowing this way out of proportion and I can almost guarantee it has made Chuck Lorres MORE money on viewers of reruns!

Some interesting new info has come into development as well: Charlie Sheen joined Twitter and had over a million followers in a short period of time and will be getting Twitter endorsements in the process AND made the Guinness World Records.

See article here:

So with that whole Twitter situation, I really do think Charlie is winning and I think they just need to leave his ass alone! Come on! He isn't the only celebrity or person in this world who parties! Big freakin deal! If you want to follow Charlie on Twitter he is @CharlieSheen.

Chuck Lorres made a public statement and tried to make the general public look stupid at the same time!

See article here

So in conclusion I just have one thing to say; WINNING! : P

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