Saturday, October 16, 2010

Splits, Separations, Divorces....OH MY!

You know, no matter who I always feel a little bit sad when a couple breaks up because deep down I wish it were forever. But I was once reminded by my ex-mother-in-law that nothing is forever and as much as I hate to say it she is right. Also reminded by my own corporate job, nothing is guaranteed. Sad but true. But I think when you get married, it is supposed to be forever. Now as far as Christina Aguilera and her husband, I am not really surprised. But I am surprised as well as saddened by the separation of Courtney Cox and David Arquette. I don't know. I thought they would have made it. Now, personally, I have no faith in relationships anymore. I was proven not once but twice that nothing is forever. So I prefer to remain single and I think I enjoy my independence, more than women as well as more than people. So I am at least content with that fact. :)

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