Saturday, October 16, 2010

TLC Sister Wives

TLC added a new controversial show to their already great line up! Sister Wives - a story about a man living in polygamy with him and his four "wives" in Lehi, Utah. Now I have seen a couple of episodes and honestly didn't see anything wrong with it till I was reminded that adultery is illegal. I mean as long as he is not marrying children or marrying off his children then I am fine with it. His first wife, Meri Brown, has some jealousy issues as well as could only have one child. I feel really sensitive towards her because of her situation. I also think Kody Brown, the main man of all of this is cute and has rock star hair LOL! Now I honestly believe that one man was meant for one woman to have one family. But I am also not to judge. If that is how they are comfortable living then so be it. It also makes great entertainment. :)

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