Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze

I originally was just going to do a blog post about Jennifer Grey and her comeback in Dancing with the Stars, but I loved Patrick Swayze and miss him as well so I am going to talk about both of them. :)

First regarding Patrick Swayze, I feel so bad about his death last year. It is a shame that they do not have a cure for Pancreatic/Prostate Cancer. I do plan on getting his book, written by himself and his wife "The Time of My Life". He was a great actor in both Dirty Dancing and I loved him in Ghost as well. Maybe every year on the day of his death or birth I will have a Swayze movie marathon. Since I grew up as a kid, obsessed with Dirty Dancing. I feel like he is a part of me as a person. I know it sounds cheesy but true.

Jennifer Grey, I am really happy to see her in the media again, and I think going with Dancing with the Stars, was a great touch on her career considering how Dirty Dancing made her famous. I really don't think that she needed a nose job that she got after she was famous. I think it defined her character and really did kill her career. I myself, use to consider a nose job, but really I think my nose is fine and does define who I am. :) I have a bump on my nose, from a car accident but kind of fearing getting it fixed, because it is broken but I really don't want them to change my nose at all LOL!

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