Sunday, April 18, 2010

V - My new 4400! : D

I never thought I would find another program as great as The 4400! But I did! : D Plus on top of that I got the director from The 4400 and one of the main actors who went from detective to Father of a church. I hope this program last longer than 4 seasons. Now what I love about V is the leader is a female named Anna, who is actually an alien lizard. This show is based on the 1980's version of V TV series. V stands for Visitor. V we do know is trying to take over Earth. So your either for or against like The 4400. I also think the actor on the show called Ryan Nicholas is really hot! I am impressed also that his girlfriend has no idea that is a an alien or that she is pregnant with his alien baby. I cannot wait to see how this turns out. I am excited! : D The show is on every Tuesday at 9 MST on ABC? or NBC? I always get confused between the two. But I love it and recommend it! :)

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