Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kate Gosselin

Okay, I think we should all remember how she evolved. The first thing that happened was TLC followed her story initially when she was pregnant with 6 kids, and she had already had twins. They did a couple of short stories on it, then it evolved then into a series with her husband at the time Jon Gosselin, and her 8 children and how it is living and raising 8 kids. Then as the years, Kate & Jon got used to the glamorous life of how well TLC paid them and loved getting attention from the public and in the midst of it all they were wanting to get a divorce. Now in the time that Kate has "working" with TLC, wrote a few books & now starring in Dancing with the Stars, transformed herself and wrote another book.

To me, that is fascinating because she was a nobody like everyone else but the spark flew once she had 8 kids and of those are sextuplets and a pair of twins. Now they are calling her a "Star" and in Dancing with the Stars. How crazy is that?? She also has not been kicked off yet, because between her and Pam Anderson, they both bring the show TONS of ratings! I now wonder what she is going to be doing next. I am also amused that she calls herself a working mother and that is why she does stuff like this. The reasons for a lot of reasons for doing stuff like this would be 1) ATTENTION! 2) The $$$$$ . Honestly, if I were her and had the opportunity I would be doing it too! : P

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