Monday, April 19, 2010

Subway - I LOVE Subway! : D

First of all, I have to say Subway is my FAVORITE Fast food restuarant, if you would call it that because they are sub sandwiches and a bit healthier. Before, I ate Subway so much I used to just get the Cold Cut Trio & split it with my brother when I was younger. A few years ago, when I joined Curves and had time in between my job, I used to workout at Curves, and at a recommendation of a friend tried the Chicken Bacon Ranch. But mine was not just any Chicken Bacon Ranch, it had to be extra special LOL ;) I make it with extra shredded cheese, toasted on Italian Herb & Cheese bread, with tomatoes, extra onions, extra jalapenos (I LOVE Spicy food!) and extra ranch & othher course salt/pepper. That is what I have been eating ever since.

I try to keep up with all the Subway promotions, their point system and anything that they are doing. What I would like to do because I like to try new things but get into routine at the same time, is well try all the sandwiches on their menu and also makeup my own ;)

So, if you are looking for a sandwich, I recommend Subway. I Love them! I have written them a couple of times, although I am no Jared ;) LOL. I eat because I like to eat and I like to indulge in what I like. I am on no diet. But that is what makes Subway so great! : D

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