Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TV: Two and a Half Men

One of my new favorite shows is Two and a Half Men, when I originally learned the name years ago I didn't think much of it till I saw a few episodes. I love Charlie because of his attitude. Allen is sort of depressing schmuck and his son is adorable. I think Rose is a little crazy but I think if it were to end Charlie would end of up with her LOL! Even though she is a bit psycho and stalks Charlie. I think Charlie, is based on his real life persona as a womanizer, which makes it an easy character for him to play. LOL! Allen, one time happened to be on Hannah Montana, which he played Lily's dad and in that episode he called Charlie on the phone! I was so happy and surprised to see him on Hannah Montana...it was like combining my favorite show with my daughters! : D

Anyway I recommend Two and a Half Men. Keep in mind not a show for your children. ;) Because they talk a lot of dirty! LOL!

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