Sunday, December 28, 2008

Restaurant Review: Z'Tejas

When we arrived we got a seat right away, so no wait. Which was nice since it looked like a nice looking restaurant when we stepped in.

Our waitress was also very attentive to our refills and request for anything additional.

For an appetizer they brought us this delicious Corn Bread. OMG it was so good and on this little skillet. I wanted more but I wanted to save my appetite for dinner.

We had ordered a Chicken Smothered Burrito with a side of sour cream and guacamole. I thought the Smother Burrito reminded me of the Mayan Chimi that we had shared and ate. It was good and easy to eat. I wish it would have some other type of red sauce or more of it. It didn't seem to have enough red sauce and it said it was "smothered". So that was a little disappointing. :(

For Dessert we had a Cranberry Tres Leches Cake. It was pretty good, it seemed a little flaky. But it was still really good.

Overall it was a pretty decent restaurant, not my favorite but I would go there again. :)

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