Thursday, November 20, 2008

TV Show Review: Girls Next Door

GIRLS NEXT DOOR ON E! Playmate Girlfriend's of the Famous Creator of Playboy Magazine

I love this show! I think this is my next favorite show next to the Anna Nicole Smith show (Before she passed, RIP Anna).

I think all of the girls are unique. Kendra is the sporty, Bridget is the Halloweenish/Theme girl, I think she is the most fun and sweet. Then there is Holly Madison, the Princess. She is all into being a Princess!

My favorite at first...was Holly, but now I realize I like Bridget more because she is kind and fun. I think Kendra has an hilarious laugh and is a little crazy!

I don't think I have a favorite episode. I like all the episodes.

I am really sad that all the girls in the end all broke up with Hef. :( I know it wouldn't be like that forever but still...sometimes you just don't expect things to change.

I think this maybe the last season of the show. I am not sure what season we are watching right now? I think its Season 5. LOL!

I am surprised that Hugh Hefner does not want to be remarried, since he is in his 80's.I know Holly was really counting on that, but in the end realized its not going to happen and that is why they broke up.

Another thing about his age. He is in 80's, I think everyone will be sad the day he passes because he has been around forever. Long Live Hugh Hefner!

But I think the show is very entertaining! I will always watch the reruns.

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