Saturday, November 22, 2008

Restaurant Review: The Cheesecake Factory

I have ate at Cheesecake Factory a few times and love it. I just never took a chance to do a review on it. When I first ate at The Cheesecake Factory it was in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a very busy place!

Then they decided to add a location to Utah. I was kind of surprised. But the Utah location is just as busy as the Nevada location.

Anyway what I always get at The Cheesecake Factory is the Tex Mex Egg Rolls for an appetizer (they taste better in Las Vegas), Orange Chicken and White Rice as a Entree and Cheesecake for the dessert. I love their restaurant.

My only disappointment is that they are no longer serving Tres Leches Cheesecake. :( So far I have emailed Corporate twice. I hope they bring it back soon.

I do recommend visiting The Cheesecake Factory though! :)

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