Monday, November 24, 2008

Wendover, Nevada

I like going to Casinos and I like Gambling. I was born and raised in Las Vegas (which doesn't really make a difference). Well anyway since I have moved to Utah, I can only make to Las Vegas once or twice a year. So, I did discover while growing up here in Utah that there is this magic place that Utahns go for a quick gamble and that is Wendover, Nevada. Which is only 1.5 hour drive. Its the only way Utahn's can have some excitement! (But there are still a lot of fun things to do here).

My History of Gambling:

When it was first legal for me to gamble at the age of 21, I had started playing 25 cent Video Poker. The reason why I did it, is because that is what I had learned from my parents to play....I thought it was starting to get boring but didn't know what else to do...

Then I learned from a friend, who had taken the fun bus with me, I learned about $5 Blackjack! Wow, that was awesome. I would ONLY play $5 and win and people at the tables would talk about me like I was crazy! I am a risk taker but I am not going to get greedy and start betting more! Then I was done with slots completely and stuck with Blackjack.

Then, I met my partner, who taught me how to play dollar slots. At first I was like $1? Why a dollar? Then my partner explained why he played a dollar. I thought it made sense. Because then you basically know exactly how much your credits are worth. Well, anyway the time we went to Vegas and I played the dollar slots...I put in $20 and kept making $200 and then leaving with $1,000! It was freakin awesome! :)

Now things are a bit different...I had went on the Fun Bus this weekend. Which I love because they drive you to Wendover from Salt Lake, its only $15 and you get $5 Cash back, a FREE Buffet (Valued at $17) and a Coupon Book.

All I remember about the whole experience this time was losing $60 in 5 minutes at the dollar slots doing max bet, eating a delicious buffet and win $30 at the penny slots.

I was really down after I had lost at the HIGH LIMIT $1 slots. Plus I had to be careful not to spend more money and needed to kill time in the process before the bus was ready to go back to Utah. So, I decided to spend my last .89 cents at the penny machine. The first penny machine I had used on my dollar I didn't do very good, the second one I KEPT WINNING and it built my self back up again! :D I kept Winning at this machine called "RED ROOSTER". I kept getting, 100, 200, 500, and a 700 Credits! It was great and I was doing it for over two hours. The reason why I chose the Rooster, is because our Kitchen is covered in Rooster and my partner's hair looks like a Rooster when he does it LOL!!! Also the penny machine games I think are hilarious because you don't understand how to win and yet you keep winning! (because you are matching weird things that don't make sense) LOL!

Anyway that was my experience this time and it was truly fun! :)

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