Saturday, November 22, 2008

Movie Review: TWILIGHT

What Movie Twilight is about Basically a Mortal falls in love with a Vampire and the setting takes place in Forks, WA and they are both in a High School Setting. Based on the Best Selling Novel "Twilight" Aurthur Stephenie Meyer

The Premiere for the movie was Friday, November 21st 2008. I have never been to a Premiere of a movie before or read a book and watched a movie based on a book before. So it was all new to me. Let me tell you though, when you go to a Premiere with Tweeny Boppers boy-vampire crazy girls you hear a lot screaming while you are trying to enjoy your movie LOL.

I am a big fan of the book Twilight and the series. I even bought the shirt. As you can tell. Reading the Twilight series does want me to break out my V.C. Andrews books again though. I almost done with the book series.

Anyway onto my Review! :D

I Rate it a C or 3 Stars.

The reason is because I felt like the movie was rushed, the scenes were combined and choppy. I did not feel any chemistry between Edward and Bella. I know its not going to be like the book, but they still could have made the movie better. I thought Rob tried to hard to be Edward. Bella emotions I think were all wrong, although her face fit the part.

What I liked was the characters. Alice was just adorable. I loved the trees. I think they made the Vampires look beautiful and strong like they should be.

Would I watch it again? YES
Would I buy the DVD? YES
Would I recommend it: Yes sort of LOL
Will I watch the Sequels? YES, in fact a Sequel for NEW MOON is in the works.

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