Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Duggars - #18 on the Way!

The Duggar Family - In case you have been in hibernation the last 100 years, The Duggar Family, is the most famous family for have the most children and very conservative values. I first heard about them on a Program called "14 Children and Pregnant Again!", or something like that. I was amazed at this woman, who had so many children. I mean, I thought how could she do it and still continue to have more?? Which, is a question a lot of people have. They are also very religious (but they never mention their religion). They also support themselves as Real Estate Agents, have their house paid off, no debt and do not depend on any kind of assistance. Plus looking at the children, they look beautiful and healthy. Which is really Good!

My only concern about their breeding is if each individual child is getting attention, if they are being used as babysitters for their siblings, their safety when they are out in public, the mother's safety for all the child bearing she is doing etc...plus what about overpopulation of the Earth and used resources in the world? Why don't they just adopt? Those are my only concerns.

TLC has also started a reality show on The Duggars, so we can see how they live daily. TLC though, I noticed has jumped on the Child Breeding Band Wagon with Jon & Kate Plus 8 and The Jeubers (who have 13 kids). I can see why though people are in awe over the Duggars or Jon & Kate because no one understands how they can have and care for so many children!

But not my business...and Congratulations with #18 Mrs. Duggar!

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