Saturday, May 24, 2008


Let me just say, I AM SPOILED!!! :)

Well, first I had the day off - I ALWAYS take My Birthday OFF! :) So I had it off and it was PAID. I had also received these beautiful PINK Roses. They were absolutely gorgeous Pink Color! My Stimulus also came & got myself my own Birthday present which was a Flip Ultra Camcorder! I LOVE IT! Now I want everyone to have one! So I am going to get one for my Partner & Sister and I will be giving one away later on my Blog. (

Second, my partner took me to dinner at The Melting Pot, because I had been wanting to go there for MONTHS! So we went on my birthday and the cheese was absolutely delicious! As well as the Entree and the Dessert! The restaurant was a Fondue restaurant. The cheese was Spinach and Artichoke FRESHLY MADE. MMMMMMMMM!!! We plan on going back!

Then when I came back I opened my presents and blew out my candles on my Strawberry Boston Cake YUM! :) MY FAVORITE! (Next to tres leches).

Here is a List of the Awesome things I received:
Laptop Case
JC Penney Gift Card
Make-up Kit
Target Gift Card
Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card
Travel Purse
Pink Shirt
Collectible Barbie
The 4400 4th Season
Pink Roses
Britney Spears Perfume

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