Friday, May 23, 2008

Gas Prices

I know A LOT of people have opinion about the Gas Prices right now, and at this point, I have been mostly observing the recent trend in the high gas prices, but not really expressed an opinion about the subject.

I had also learned a few things about it as well. For one, I had learned that gas in two years can more likely go up to $5 and some change. Another article had mentioned what would happen if gas had gone up to $10? They say a lot of independent trucking companies would go out of business and a lot of airlines would be standing idle.

And because of the scare for some, they are looking for alternatives for transportation other than using their car, because it has caused more of a dent is the household budget of some. I drive a Toyota and it happens to get good gas mileage and I have a good paying job, so I don' really feel that affected by the recent rise of gasoline nor the recession, which also plays a big part in this. Between layoffs and the rising cost a food, in the California state, a lot of middle class folk are now becoming homeless and ironically living out of their cars.

I think people in general are adaptable to new situations and are capable of surviving something as harsh as this hit right now, so at the moment I am not too worried but I am going to keep in mind to be prepared for anything.

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