Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lovin Beach Body!

I joined Beach Body in November 2010, started my workouts and Shakeology in February 2011. I have been loving it ever since!

I am doing the Brazil Butt Lift, and after I complete 1-2 rounds of it, I plan on either doing Insanity or Rev Abs.

Honestly, I have never worked out in my life! Hardly, maybe in High School, a few times in Job Corps but that is it. I plan on working out at least 5-6 days a week and drink my Protein Shake/Super food/Meal Replacement Shakeology.

Currently I am getting ready for my Cruise in May. So I am doing 10 Day Slim Down challenge, where you drink Shakeology once a day and workout 10 days straight without stopping. Then following I will be doing 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse. I will be posting my results for both once they are complete. The 10 Day Slim Down challenge last day is on April 10th. Started April 1st and I am on my 3 day today.

I also get to login my workouts on the WOWY Supergym with a chance to win money every time I login my workouts! : D

Check out my Facebook Coach page for more info!

My goal weight is 130lbs with flat abs and a better butt! :)

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Staci said...

Congrats Jackie and good luck with your journey. Wish you tons of success with it, as it sounds like a great plan.