Saturday, April 9, 2011

I LOVE Being Single! : D

So I was hanging out at Facebook, and my friend posted a comment about being single again and not really liking it. So I posted back saying whats wrong with it? I think more women nowadays enjoy being single, I think I was honestly meant to be single and love it.

I was married once for a few years, bore a child, then later down the line in another serious relationship. They both obviously didn't workout and I am fine with it. When I was in a relationship, I wanted my time so I figure I should be single and I do enjoy it.

I was looking at online dating, but then realized its just another waste of time. Not my thing and not really into jumping at someone else's convenience. I do things my way or the highway pretty much LOL! So not really into that anymore. Although it was fun to try.

But all in all I live my life how I want and its all good! ;)

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