Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So I was browsing I had no idea of what I could do on there till I went to the website! You can have a login page specifically about your car which I like My Car it will remind you of service you need to do and keep all your car records together. I think I will go out to my car tonight to check the mileage so that I can keep track of it, since basically I have unorganized paperwork right now inside of my car LOL!

I also like that they are connected to Facebook since I think most company websites should be nowadays. They also have an APP for your smart phone in case you need a quote, a way to find a car repair shop and roadside assistance! I love companies that utilize technology! They even have a Blog! : D I find the last two blog entries interesting LOL! What Women "Auto Know" About Tire Wear and Parallel Parking Made Easy. First with tires I know you are supposed to rotate them every 6 months and I am the worst parallel parker ever! I don't like parallel and would rather walk farther to my destination then try to do it! LOL!

Overall I like the website. It really didn't cross my mind that it existed. I find the Ask the Expert section a little sloppy but I don't really care too much for that page unless I similar issue then I will attempt to go through it. It also shows its a new page so I am sure they are working on making it better.

(Picture is me with my new (used) Dodge Stratus)

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