Sunday, November 28, 2010

Movie Review: Burlesque

So this Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to rent a bunch of movies (Eat Pray Love, Just Wright, Santa Paws, Sex and the City 2, The Karate Kid) and go to the movies and watch Burlesque and Tangled. I was unable to see Tangled but my daughter and her grandparents went while I watched Burlesque.

I just have one short movie review: Cute, Sexy and Fun! : D I loved how glamorous the clothes and the ladies were. I loved the dancing and singing. I realized that Christina Aguilera have very distinct beautiful singing voices. The storyline was your typical rags to riches and fall in love type happy ending plot. But I just think it was there to be fun to watch. : D

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Watch Burlesque Online said...

I totally agree with you - this was a good Saturday evening choice for a bunch of ladies on the lookout for good cinematic entertainment. We all really enjoyed this musical. It had everything needed - good dancing, singing, fabulous outfits and stars. :)