Monday, October 4, 2010

Mondays are bad?!

You know, I rarely have bad Mondays. In fact Mondays and Fridays usually go by fast for me. Its weird but a few people I talked to said their Mondays are usually bad. Well, my point for this post is Mondays are hardly bad and they usually go by fast - EXCEPT for today. Today still went by fast but let me just tell you how it went: First, I lost my debit card, then the change machine ate my $5, then embarrassing enough, I was having trouble pumping gas so some guy on my last break had to help me pump $5 in gas because I lost my debit card!!! So I eventually cancelled my old debit card, put in a slip for the lost $5 at work, and dealt with the fact the guy had to help me at the pump LOL! So, in conclusion I am sorry that you have bad Mondays and just try to be positive about your Mondays ;) .

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