Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Snowed in Las Vegas and as of a week ago it FINALLY SNOWED IN UTAH!

Winter Weather Hits Las Vegas
The Clark County School District has closed schools for Thursday. Students and teachers do not have to report to school, but the district says all administrators, 12-month employees, and office staff should report to work as usual. No flights are taking off or landing at McCarran International Airport due to poor visibility and flights from around the country that are headed to Las Vegas are being kept on the ground until the weather improves. Ian Gregor with the FAA says McCarran doesn't have any snow removal equipment, so planes can't leave safely. US-95 is closed at Mile Marker 16, just north of Searchlight due to poor road conditions and an accident. Nevada Highway Patrol and NDOT have also closed US-95 at Railroad Pass due to ice and snow.

Wow, I am surprised in Snowed in Vegas. I see that they had shut down schools and such, to me that sounds like something only the South would do LOL. I only remember it snowing in Vegas when I was a kid and I remember a snow flake falling on this piece of junk car. That is as far as my memory goes back of being a kid and living in Las Vegas. (I was born and raised till I was 14 years old and then I had moved to Utah with my family).

Speaking of Utah, it had FINALLY snowed here! I am surprised and hate it. I almost slipped on black ice three times. Its horrible. I love it though because I did want to take snow pictures this year since I do not have any and it is good for Christmas to have snow I guess. You know, White Christmas and all. But because of the part that I dislike about it very much, I was considering buying myself a bath of snow salt and/or good snow boots. Depends. We did go sledding briefly one evening, that was fun. I mostly watched. LOL! And took pictures of course. :)

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