Saturday, November 15, 2008

Energy drinks makes Kids Sick

Energy Drinks Make Students Ill at Prom TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Officials at the American Christian Academy are considering banning energy drinks after one student was hospitalized and several others became ill after drinking too many of the drinks during the school's annual prom trip.

I was not really surprised to see that drinking an energy drink would make these kids get sick at Prom. I just wondered exactly how many they drank and why.

The only time I have ever got sick from an energy drink was when I was drinking Full Throttle (my fave energy drink) and Jaegar combined for a Jaegar Bomber (I cannot remember exactly the name its been a while since I have drank them). And that was just vomiting. I also got sick from Mountain Dew, which I think can be classified as "Energy" drink, because of how much caffeine is in it. I had drank some and got sick while drinking it when I was at one of my high school dances.

My new favorite energy drink that I like is the Coffee one, its called Monster or Java Monster or something like that. I think they are yummy! My mom actually got me into those.

I think the best time to drink energy drinks is when I need to clean the house and I am too lazy to. Although I have not had one in a while to clean.

I think energy drinks are really popular because (aside from the fact that they give you energy) but also because of the cool names that they come up with and the wild colors that they use for the cans.

But again with the moderation, when it comes to things like that. And of course do not combine them with anything else like alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs when using. :)

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