Sunday, February 3, 2008

SAVE THE 4400!!! - Send Sunflower Seeds

Posted by Jacquie McKenzie (actress Diana of The 4400 on my MySpace bulletin) PLEASE SEND SUNFLOWER SEEDS!

"There's an extra special campaign that the crazy wonderful fans of The 4400 have launched in order to petition the cancellation of our show: They are sending SUNFLOWER SEEDS to the head of THE USA NETWORK.
We have already made the news! Check this out:

Comcast News Article

So, we are all visiting the special sunflower-seed online store who have kindly agreed to handle this 'petition'. It's really easy to do... so please head over there and send a bag of 'Dr Burkhoff's' favourite snack! That way we can all get back to 'Promise City' and get everyone back to good work!!!
Here's the site:

When the networks cancelled the show called "Jericho", fans sent in peanuts. It worked and the show was brought back! Lets get The 4400 back to business! YAYAY! Thanks so much for your time- it's a great cause! And please please please tell your mates!!
Jacqueline McKenzie
("Diana Skouris")"

PLUS make sure you sign EVERY 4400 Petition on the web! There are lots but here is the main one


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