Saturday, May 14, 2011

My 29! : D (Thursday, May 12th 2011)

Well, on Thursday, May 12th I was on my Cruise. I had purchased myself a cake on the ship at the 'Formalities' department. It was a vanilla cake with strawberry and it said "Happy Birthday Jackie". I decided to get dressed up in my new silver top, black pants and makeup. I also a cocktail drink special called "Rivera Delight".

Then we left the cruise on Friday, the 13th. Our cousins had picked us up and took us back to their place till it was time to take the airplane back. They surprised me with a Tres Leches cake and singing me Happy Birthday! I was def surprised LOL!

Then we went home. When we came home, my parents had surprised me with a wrapped present. I didn't tell them anything I had wanted. But they must have read my mind because I wanted a Single Serving cup blender for my Shakeology! The same color as my Greenberry Shakeology! I thought it was absolutely PERFECT! Then they are also making my favorite - Schinkenudel! : D But the BEST gift of all is the handmade present from my daughter! : D A paper flower.

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