Saturday, February 19, 2011

New to me, but not so new to the World: Online Dating

At first, I was embarrassed but now I am like wow, I am actually excited to try this new thing. I know a few established people who met their match online. I am not out to make a love connection, just date really. But as they say 1 out of 5 relationships meet online or something like that LOL!

So I signed up for Plenty Of first, they are okay. Zoosk is kind of annoying. Speed Date jumps out at you and confuses your brain, match is paid and not sure if I want to go there yet. But a co-worker told me about this cool website, which sorry folks I don't want to share. I was happy she told it to me LOL! Its more like a social network. Its free and works great.

Since, I like to take my time, I have just been messaging a few back and forth, a few have wanted to text, not ready to go there yet. I am still weeding out the few I would probably actually like to meet. Its nice though, :)

If you don't go out a lot, or not into that fast paced lifestyle of clubs or parties, I think online dating is the new ticket to meeting the right person. :)

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