Sunday, June 26, 2011

A little bit about Me....

Just some stuff, will update my blog again tomorrow about Casey Anthony Trial and McDonalds/Walmart, but right now just going to talk about moi! : p

Was going to start the day I was born but didn't want to go that deep! LOL! I'll just with I have been an Entrepreneur since I was 18 years old. Before that I wanted to be a Pop Star. I guess you can see what happened next LOL! Once I learned about the internet, I started blogging but at the time it was called an "online journal". Built my first website when I was 16 with HTML. LOVE HTML Love codes, you cannot go wrong with it.

I love trying new things, I love pampering myself. My new recent adventures are extreme couponing and penny auctions. Still learning about both, My favorite things I have learned about and done is getting FREE stuff.

I think I still want to create a name for myself. I LOVE MLM or Network Marketing. I just recently quit drinking soda and then went back to drinking it only 20% of the time. I love my Dr. Pepper. ;) A guy at the store today told me he likes my DP (Dr. Pepper) shirt LOL.

My new thing is working out and I love it. What I discovered about working in the health and fitness industry as a Beach Body Coach is I now love running and clean eating. I think its great for the body and mind.

I love vacationing! My daughter and I love going on cruises. We had such a ball this year, miss it and want to go again. So this is our second time cruisin but we are going to make it a point to go every year. Crossing my fingers that we go in February 2012, ;)

My main goal in life is to be Financially Independent and own my own Diner. I love to cook! I have famous taco recipe that everyone loves. I love trying new foods (at places) every other weekend and trying new recipes, every other weekend.

As always, Thanks for reading! :)

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