Saturday, June 11, 2011 new addiction! ;)

My Fiverr Gigs

A friend of mine told me about this website when I was looking for a web designer, at first I am was like what? Then I finally looked it up and went to it. And I FREAKIN LOVE IT! Above link are the gigs that I have for sale. Everything on this website is on sale for $5 from Graphics to Business, any service you want!
My first purchase was 100 Likes on my Facebook page, the guy who did it for me had it all done in less than an hour!
I will give you 100 Facebook Likes for $5

Now my next order, is a guy who will put a piece of paper in his boxers saying whatever you want! I, of course chose ;)
I will take a picture in my boxers with note saying whatever you want and send it to you for $5

It has become an addiction, my next purchase will be I will create video or audio testimonial in any emotion or style for $5

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