Saturday, April 2, 2011

Restuarant Review: In n Out Burger

So I took my daughter to see HOP today, and got her some movie popcorn and kids pack. But I decided since we were out and about I wanted to try a new restaurant. So In n Out was built a year ago in West Jordan and I had never tried but I heard from everyone it was just fabulous! So I thought what the hey, lets go. So after I got my baby some ice cream after the movie, on our way home we stopped there.

We went through the drive-thru, the first thing I noticed, especially when driving past it always is the drive-thru is always packed! The second thing I noticed was the small menu they have! I was like wow, okay this will make it easier for me to decide at least LOL!

So I decided on a Cheeseburger combo. I told the lady what I wanted and she asked me two interesting questions...she asked: "Do you want an onion ring" I said of course sounds great on the sandwich and "Are you going to be eating in your car?" I was like WHAT? But I told her yes because that is what I had planned on doing and I didn't understand why she wanted to make it her business. LOL!

Then I pull up and pay for my food as asked the dude, "Why did she ask me if I was eating in my car?" He said "because if you plan on eating it in your car, they then put it in an open box but if you plan to eat it at home then they just bag it up" I thought great, that was interesting and personalized customer service!

So I get my food and still perplexed at what they said but continued to eat in my car. I was confused about the onion thing though LOL, because I thought they had an actual fried onion ring to be in the sandwich and instead it was just an onion. I laughed to myself but still preferred onion in my sandwich anyway.

The food was good.

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Amy said...

If you go there again. You should try it animal style. Believe me it's good. They just put a special sauce on the fries and burger.