Saturday, February 26, 2011

Staycations - I LOVE THEM! : D

Guess what I am doing this moment? Taking a staycation at a local hotel in my area. WHY? Well, why not? Its always nice to get away, this is my second year doing this, although I do think I will need to do it again towards the end of the year. Its a good way to escape, in an new place, to relax and refresh yourself. Staycations are also good if you cannot afford to get away. I do have my vacations though planned from April-June. The picture on the left is for right now and the picture on the right is from last year. We stayed at the same hotel because of its familiarity. My daughter, our dog Sheesha and I go. I love it. It just makes me feel so good to be able to do this. I do recommend it for any of the reasons above or just because ;)

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