Friday, February 11, 2011



So I got my Beach Body kit this weekend. Shakeology, Brazil Butt Lift workout, a t-shirt, and P90X meal replacement/snack bars. The past two days, I tried my Shakeology (I start my workout on Sunday and will blog about it ;)

So anyway, Thursday I got the stuff and naturally decide to try the Chocolate...and I remember reading "oh it even tastes good with water!" and I thought PERFECT! I will try it with water, so I did and I could not stomach it, but manage to at least 75% of the 10 oz shaker cup I am using (it calls for 8 oz but I wanted to make sure I had enough) So I was frustrated and paranoid. I was like, I need to drink this stuff? How am I going to do it?

Decided the next day to try the Greenberry with whole milk, so I did and shook it up (and getting it all over my new shirt!) and it was actually great and finished it all! I was so relieved! I also wanted to report that I was not even hungry around lunch time! I took at around 9:30 pm and my lunch was around 1:15 pm! : D

So my point is this is a REAL SUPERFOOD and MEAL REPLACEMENT shake! Best to take for breakfast. So if you are interested, it has more than 70 HEALTHY Ingredients. CHECK IT OUT SHAKEOLOGY

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