Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My family Snuggified! : D

(Pictured My family Snuggified! LOL! Liz with her Spongebob Snuggie, my chihuahua Sheesha with her xsmall purple Snuggie and me with my plush leopard Snuggie :)) I love Snuggie! Yes, a lot of people may says its a backwards robe, or a blanket with sleeves but I still think they are freakin awesome! I first got my Snuggie two years ago for Christmas. That was before they came out with innovative styles. I got the maroon red one. I loved it. Then I lost it, then a couple years later I bought myself a pink one, which now had pockets and my daughter received a Spongbob Square Pants one from her grandma. Then at Christmas again I got a plush leopard Snuggie which I love even more! Because it was softer, thinker and had a place where you can hold up your sleeves. Then I also finally found a xsmall purple Snuggie for my chihuahua. I love the Snuggie Collection. I would hope they come out with a heated velcro Snuggie in the back, ;).

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